Pre-Budget Submission 2023-24

Given the economic challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed in the near and longer terms, the Australian Investment Council has identified four priority policy areas for the upcoming Federal Budget which are detailed in this submission.  Within each of these priority areas, the Council has made some recommendations that would support private capital making its contribution to Australia’s economic prosperity. The four priority areas identified are: 

  • Ensuring Australia remains a destination of choice for investment capital in a globally competitive market
  • Attracting, retaining and building talent
  • Harnessing and empowering innovation and entrepreneurship to support the national interest
  • Working towards net zero.

The Council anticipates that around the world, private capital will increasingly be called upon to meet areas of unmet community need, and to partner with public capital to do so.  The priority areas above reflect what our members see as enablers of attracting and retaining that capital in Australia, so that it can continue to: empower innovation and entrepreneurship; support the growth of thousands of businesses and invest in the ongoing development of a highly capable labour market.

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