A Migration System for Australia’s Future

Australia has had a long history of supportive policies to attract business entrepreneurs, skilled and vocational workers, international students and seasonal workers. However, the rising global mobility of workers and heightened competition for talent means that it is critical for policy settings to be effective in attracting a critical mass of ‘new economy’ workers. These are the workers who will bring new skills, fill skills gaps, and help generate new and sustainable business opportunities throughout the Australian economy. They are the workers who will provide services and skills to fill social and community needs and who bring skills that can be translated into new business generation and upskill local talent.

The Council supports a migration system that recognises the diversity of skills and talent required to meet the future needs of diverse and sophisticated domestic economy and supports unmet community and social need. This includes unlocking the potential of our current migrant population, building on existing capabilities and addressing challenges associated with an ageing population.

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