Securing future innovation and global competitiveness in NSW

The Council’s submission focuses on policies for regenerating growth across every sector of the NSW economy to create jobs, drive innovation, increase productivity, and maintain a flow of foreign and domestic investment capital. These recommendations aim to support emerging industries that align with polices that will drive productivity, new industries, and employment opportunities right across the state of NSW and ultimately, drive transformational changes to recalibrate the state onto a path of higher wages, living standards and investment.

More than ever, ongoing shifts in the global economy are highlighting the need for government, industry, and businesses to work together to ensure there is a common goal and readiness to tackle complex problems and take hold of the big issues. Collectively, we face major challenges – including political instability and global trade issues, the increasing pace of technological change, and changes to financial conditions around the world that could have significant impacts on financial markets and the NSW economy.

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