Champions of Change

The Australian Investment Council is really pleased to have 10 senior private capital leaders committed to our new industry-wide Champions of Change program:

These senior leaders are acting as champions of action and advocacy to help the industry accelerate its efforts around boosting diversity and inclusion here in Australia, leveraging their individual and collective leadership positions to influence change. They are collaborating with our Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee to share their ideas and insights into new strategies and initiatives that can build on the significant change that is already underway across the sector.

Meeting and Panel Pledges

To date, the Champions of Change have pledged to call out meetings and panels with no women and only join panels that are not all-male to help increase the participation and opportunities for women in our industry.

The Australian Investment Council has also pledged to have no all-male panels at its events. Many high-profile conferences, events and meetings lack gender balance, despite there often being no shortage of qualified women to contribute. The impact of imbalances such as these has consequences for women in leadership, gender equality, organisations and our community.

When speakers or contributors are predominately male, audiences may be provided a narrow perspective on the issues being canvassed. This lack of diversity limits the quality and range of a conversation, and the potential outcomes or actions that might arise from it.

When visible role models are generally male, the absence of women in leadership also becomes normalised. People have limited access to knowledgeable women leaders they can learn from and fewer women choose to speak.

Be a part of the change and sign up to the pledges.

Commitment to Flexible Working Practices

COVID-19 has forced a mass and rapid adoption of remote working practices and we are now facing a critical moment in history with the unique opportunity to re-shape our work practices for decades to come. This powerful change could help reverse the gender imbalance within the private capital industry as flexible working is a key enabler for a more diverse and inclusive firm.

Insights drawn from the Australian Investment Council’s Champions of Change leaders interviewed for this three-part article series clearly indicate their willingness to adopt new flexible working practices that they say are here to stay. The Champions of Change discuss how working from home does not come without its challenges but they believe that they can be mitigated through effective management and the benefits for staff and the business are worth it.

Flexible working is here to stay in their firms and they are encouraging the whole private capital industry to adopt the same approach to flexible working. With flexible working being a key enabler for a more diverse and inclusive firm, this change could help propel the Australian Investment Council's work in building an inclusive and thriving culture.

Remember that the Australian Investment Council has a range of case studies, tools and other resources to help you bring about change within your own firm on our diversity webpage.

To find out more about how the Australian Investment Council can help support your firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts, please get in touch with us via email. And, stay tuned for more developments as we continue to work with our ten Champions of Change to support the long-term growth of private capital investment in Australia.

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